“My immense gratitude goes to Mr. David K.S. Kim for his expertise in Immigration law. His thoroughness and attention to detail to my complicated N600 proceedings led to my case finally being approved. I would recommend him to anyone who has any kind of Immigration issues without hesitation. Again Mr. Kim,I am profoundly grateful to have met you..you are a "lifesaver"!!!”

“Immigration can be very complicated and nerve breaking, and I had bad experience with other attorneys before, which led to the situation where my employment-sponsored immigration case was denied. That's when I found David Kim. From the very start, he was extremely responsive, assuring, and professional. He always answered my questions in 24 hrs and was attentive to my need. Thanks to him, my case was approved eventually, in 6 months, I got my green card! Simply, he is an excellent attorney!”

“David was not only the attorney on my brother's case, but the friend, a brother in Christ and most of all a compassionate person. David has been the most important person in the whole process of my brother's immigration deportation status without his experience and hard work along with his paralegal Sue my brother had an imminent deportation back to Guatemala. I will never be able to pay David and his staff his long hours of hard work and compassion to our family financial situation.”

It's easy to think your lawyer is the “best” when you get a great decision, but we knew that David was absolutely tops from the start. He is very smart and experienced, pays tremendous attention to detail, and is totally accessible. He is always there to answer all of your questions and address all of your concerns, and we had many. We got a better decision than we could ever have imagined, so it was a definite win-win. We got the best with the best.

I cannot speak highly enough of Mr. Kim and his staff. Mr. Kim is a rare combination of excellence and compassion. He is very thorough, responsive and helpful, and truly cares about his clients as individuals. My family-based case should have been straight forward, but previous offices/attorneys had dropped the ball. After my case had been denied and I had lost hope, Mr. Kim reopened the case and I finally got my green card. I am truly grateful to Mr. Kim and would highly recommend him.

Mr. Kim is simply a great attorney. I almost fell out of status because my former attorney completely mishandled my case. Due to my former attorney's malpractice, my O-1 extension package was returned to my sponsor company. I had only a week left before my status expired. Mr. Kim worked tirelessly to revive my case and submitted a new O-1 extension package with USCIS, which was approved in 2 weeks! I recommend Mr. Kim for anyone who needs an immigration attorney.